How to untangle wig?

I got a cheap-o wig made out of olefin, though the ends tend to tangle.

It's one of those wigs that can be bought under ten bucks that you can find at Wal-Mart or a party store.

The hairs seems much more delicate then my other synthetic extensions, and I don't want to ruin it :o

Thank you for your time Happy

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I have a glass head to put my wigs on so I can untangle bits without getting in a worse state.
You could always find a friend to model it for you ;)
It's best to start at the ends slowly pulling them apart with your fingers.
Do it in manageable sections and pin the bits you have done out of the way.
I use a wide comb that is for curly hair to seperate the tangles properly.
Best thing to do when you have untangled it is to store it in a hair net. Put the net over at the top and smooth it downwards straightening the ends as you go.
You will lose some of the strands but once you store it right it shouldn't tangle too much.
The wig in my avatar is one of the cheap ones and it's still going strong Happy

Hope this helps Happy

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If you want to remove your wig from your head then it will so much easy and also for the untangle of the wigs too. With wet wig it will quite difficult but on the website have to make dryness of the wig also.

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