Questions about Fimo and Sculpey clay!

I posted this on Yahoo answers, then I remembered CO+K and thought I'd probably get better answers here, lol.

1. I wasn't aware that their baking times and temperatures were different (Fimo - 110 C for 30 min, Sculpey - 130 C for 15 min.), so for some pieces I used both clays, either mixed or just pushed together. What time/temperature combo should I use, then?

2. I have a metal tray, but do I need to place the sculptures on some foil, cookie sheet, etc. when I bake them?

3. I hear that some people like to boil the clay instead of baking them, which method do you prefer and why?

4. What's the worse that can happen if the clay is under baked/over baked?

Thank you!

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Maybe pick a temperature inbetween and leave in there 15 min and see how it turns out. But keep and eye on it. Over baking normally turns it black or brownish...or makes the clay really really hard.

I've always used foil but I'm not sure if it matters and I've never boiled clay before or even heard of that..

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I have heard of it being boiled, but never done it myself. I also have mixed two different brands and had no problem baking using Sculpey's instructions because that's mostly what I use and I usually use wax paper or foil over a metal cookie sheet.

Under baking won't really be a problem because you can always put it back in the oven. And like Kira said, it will have a brownish tint to it if you over bake it, but to prevent that just cover it with foil when baking.

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For baking in the oven, I have a large, old glass (pyrex) plate that I keep for polymer clay only.
I also have a plain smooth shiny ceramic tile which I use when making something complicated..i work directly on the tile, and then put it staight into the oven, this way you don't distort your creations by too much handling and moving.
I had heard about boiling it too, and I devised my own method for doing this, and used it for the little miniature animals I made for the recent tiny swap. This is the method:

Make the tiny polymer clay item

Drop it into a small glass of boiling water

Place in microwave oven

Microwave for 3-4 minutes, leave to cool

This worked for small items, and saved putting on the oven for half an hour.

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