HELP! How Do I Enlarge A Pattern?


my friend has approached me and asked me to make her a dress for her birthday. wth excitement and fear, i accepted the challenge. we wen out and picked a pattern and got all the fabric and notions.

BUT... shes too big for the largest size the pattern comes in. and i didnt want to be mean, so i didnt say anything except, dont worry. i can make it work! SEE MY PROBLEM! im only a self taught sewer and can make sum pretty good stuff. but ive never had to alter a pattern before and im freaking out cuz i have jusst over 3 weeks to get this dress done inbetween work and everything else.

so PLEASE! IF ANYONE knows what to do.. if they know of or can find a video tutorial (im more of a visual learner)or something that explains it well with pictures etc. or YOU know how to do it. i would more than appreciate it. i would bow down to you!

please help me to make my friends birthday dress. I want her to look amazing.

xoxo Rachel

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Hi Rachel
Depends on the design of the pattern and your friends size/shape

The arm hole will be too small so you need to extend the shoulder upwards by following the curve and making the shoulder seam the same shape. This will mean that the centre front will need a piece adding in to make it the right width.

If you have a base pattern for the top cut it across under bust level and lengthen it to give fabric for bust by putting a panel of paper in.

You need to lift the centre front (neckline) by the same amount that you raised the arm hole by. Re-shape the neck line to keep the pattern by tracing the original shape onto paper you have added in

If the pattern is one piece for the front you will have to cut through the centre front and move the shoulder upwards and outwards to make the shoulder fit. Add to centre front. Then re-shape neck.

You can also add extra to centre back (depends on the style)

Usually I work on the actual size of the pattern + 2 inch for fit. It very much depends on the fabric

If you can post a picture I may be able to help with details Happy

Found this site which is a PDF that may help

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i think, i know what you mean.

i was thinking that i could add the difference eg 5cm too small all the way around the pattern, would that work

heres a picture of the dress from the pattern:

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Ah.....that is slightly easier......fewww...
The centre front top needs to fit centre bust line on each side. So you can add to either side of that pattern
If your friend has a wide back add extra to the seam on the side panel that will fit to the back piece. This will slim her back down
The skirt piece is pretty straight forward Happy

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great! thanks so much!

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