Please Help With Craft Room!

I'm moving the crafting portion of my bedroom from sharing the room to having it's own space in the basement (YES! ;D) and I need some help because the color scheme is similar to my bedroom, and I don't want it to be. I need help with the furniture layout of the room (room layout pic further down), creating storage space, ideas for wall murals I can paint, and picking a complimentary color to the following color scheme:
<img src="</img">

I was thinking something like this:
<img src=""> or <img src="">

The walls are the blue, floors are the grey, trim is the black, and I believe the ceiling is white. I'd use that accent color to paint the mural on the wall(s), and I was thinking I'd do a big tree silhouette (I know, how original!) in the accent color with grey or black heart-shaped leaves. Any ideas? I'm a big movie fan, too!

Here's the room layout:
<img src="">

No measurements but it's the accurate shape of the room, all socket and door locations accurate as well.

My furniture includes two bookcases (one short and wide black, one tall and thin white), a long rectangular table (roughly as large as the space between the right of the door and and the right wall), a small square table (could almost fit between left of door and left wall), a small sewing table with attached machine (could fit between left of door and left wall), a stool that can slide under the sewing table, a regular straight-backed chair, and a tri-pod.

I have a light box that could fit on the small table, a camera for the tri-pod, a serger, utensil mug, button jars, and thread spool organizer. I was thinking I could have my first ever inspiration board. Any ideas how to go about creating one? Or links to interesting ones? How about yours?

I need a sort of filing or storage system to keep my business information organized and easily accessible (I currently have big yellow envelopes with invoices, supplies lists, and an assortment of receipts from past purchases).

I have a small budget, so any ways to recycle or upcycle would be wonderful, and any inexpensive store links would be great, too. I also do personal swaps if you have an item I could use and would like to swap for it. I can make holes in the walls and I can paint them but I don't want to blow the money on paint.

What I need storage for are my:
idea jar
inspirational manga
fabric paint
acrylic paint
a treasure chest with other old inspirations
button jars
embroidery floss jars
Bolex (film camera)
film supply
the movies in DVD cases I’ve made
thumb tack jars
knitting needles
crochet hooks
index cards
sewing pins
hand-sewing needles
sewing machine needles
massive amount of old clothing I won’t/can’t wear anymore which will become something else
jewelry-making items
yo-yo manufacturing supplies (pre-cut circles and bag for finished yo-yos)
fat quarters
paint brushes
composition notebook idea journals
sketching pencils
sketching erasers
scrapbook/scrap paper

Thanks so much! Happy

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