Homemade Christmas Gifts Help?

I am having trouble thinking of some unique homemade christmas gifts.
I have to buy/make for -

an 8 yr old girl who likes horses and books
a 6 yr old girl who likes zebras, peacocks, and seahorses. she is a ball of energy.
a 30 something guy, has everything, adventurer, not very materialistic, just got back from costa rica (he went on a whim)
his girlfriend, also not very materialistic, very positive and loving, finds beauty in everything
a 13 yr old boy, loves fishing and music, sense of humor
my 52 yr old single dad, explorer, nature photographer, works in an office, crafter (wood carving, stained glass, misc.)
a 5 yr old boy, very into sports and being macho
a 4 yr old girl, likes butterflies, very quiet and lovable

(the last two are the most important!)

Here are my completed projects -

3 record bowls (melted vinyl into bowls)
2 mini flower gardens for the 6-8 yr old girls (glass votive holders, painted and decorated with their favorite colors and names, small fake flowers hot glued in the inside)
painted picture frames with poems my dad wrote when he was young
carved wooden tunnels(gauges) for the 30 something guy
a painted flowered votive holder with decorated candle for his girlfriend
secret book hideaways (old thick books with the pages glued together half way and the centers cut out) for the girls

Share all of your ideas and creativity!! Happy

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For the younger children have you thought of making different costume components? Like for the 6 yr old girl, maybe a peacock tail and a little bird mask. You could probably make them quite easily with felt, or cheap fabric scraps.
Something else I've been doing lately for everyone on my christmas list is ceramic painting. I have a bunch of old ceramic tiles, and I've been painting/drawing different comics or pictures that are relevant to each person. Then, I've been gluing hooks on the back so they can hang 'em!

Good luck, hope you find something for everyone on your list!

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I am also making all my xmas gifts this year...

ive made a quilt our of recycled clothes for my hippy/gardening mum
sock monkey for my eccentric grandpa
cupcake aprons for my 2 grandmothers
stenciled comic t shirts for dad and 18yr old brother, and my bulldog Tongue
and im stuck on what to make for my uncle that likes clown fish (IM STEALING YOUR AEWESOME TILE PAINTING IDEA SPINNERETTE !)
and my husband who loves cars, movies, and bulldogs I HAVE NO IDEA!!!! - (hes 23 btw) he wants me to make him a cover for his pool table but id like to do something a bit better for xmas. IDEAS N E ONE?


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Do you embroider, Rachel?
I do a lot of embroidered stuff for my fiance for presents. It sounds girly, but it really isn't! If you look in my projects for 'The humans are dead', that was a present I made for him for his birthday last year. THis year as a little stocking stuffer I'm embroidering plain white fabric to look like ruled paper, and then embroidering a little love note onto it. I thought it was cute. For his bday this year I stencilled him a few shirts - a monty python one and a piraty one.

Something else I did for everyone last year is handmade pillows! Like really big pillows. I embroidered something different onto each pillow for each person too. A stormtrooper for my brother, a scene from alice in wonderland for a friend, etc.

I always have a problem makin stuff for dudes, though, cause most of the stuff I think of is usually pretty girly.

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Wow that tiles idea spinerette is a really good idea! Happy

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spinnerette - ive been playing around with embroidery, i dont know the names of any stitches, ive jst been making it up prety much.. what do you do with the underside where youve tied off your threads to make it look tidy/presentable?

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You could make some small butterflies and glue them to hair clips for the 4-year-old and maybe a pretty soft toy or a butterfly mask.

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Thanks! I actually think i'm going to make a butterfly box so she can catch butterflies, although i'm not quite sure.
Off to the thrift store today after school to get some ideas!
Have to rush, neighbors are celebrating tonight!!
Also going to make some beeswax lip balm, chocolate covered cherries, and eggnog fudge.

Wish me luck!

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