Christmas present help needed

Creative presents that are under $10

I really need to keep to my budget this year, and only have $50 to spend on five people. I know you can get nice things if you're creative however I really just don't know where to start.

My sister is 22
She's a perfectionist, a snob, bossy, so she's very hard to shop for at the best of times (I love her but thats the way she is lol)

my brother is 20
My brother is into drinking and partying at the moment other than that I don't really know what else he is into.

my mum
My mum is going to be hard to shop for cause she's gone through a mid life crisis packed up all her stuff so she had a car load and moved to QlD lol so I Don't really know where to start with her.

my nan
she'd say she would love anything which is true but I know she likes more personal things.

and my fiancee
he's into electronics, tools, and now gardening but I don't know what to do to make that special (although I can extend the budget on him a little more)

the rest of the extended family are getting hand made edibles as gifts. Any idea would be muchly appreciated


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so about ten each person... for your mom you could get her one of those emergency kits the ones you keep in your car for traveling emergencys for your sister maybe some lotion/bodyspray kit of her favorite scent they have some a family dollars for only 3/5 dollars your brother i seen alot of those bodyspray deodorent bodywash gift sets maybe one of those your nan how about some photo albums and frames i dunno about your fiancee... hehe sorry i hope i helped a lil also check your dollar stores! i no they sell lotion and that at dollar stores you could buy a basket there too and make your own gift baskets put in what every you like even snacks Happy

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the last couples years i have put an emphesize on homemade christmas gifts, i think they mean more (and budget wise it can help awhole lot). Last year I made my mom a couple of hand embroidered pillows (pencil sketched on white fabric , then embroidered, and made into pillows), my sister embroidered place mats for her new place (she had no linens and they can be easy to make to match and cheaper than buying somewhere). For my one brother, who is onvolved heavily in theater, I made him a pillow from the t-shrit of his first production (in middle school he was a tree) and a shadow box celebrating his first romantic lead (he usually plays bad guys) to rmeind him where he came from and where he can go.

This is year I am trying to put together a recipe collection of family and keepsake recipes for my mom (and possibly my sister, grandma, aunts, newly married cousins, etc) as well as probably making pillows to match the blankets my mom is making part of my brothers. For the theater one I am looking at another shadow box possibly with pictures and ticket stubs and such from the theater he's done summer stock with for five years.

If you want to make stuff there are a huge variety of things and when handmade (like the edibles) they mean more. Depending on your crafting and sewing ablities there are tons of ideas on here and throughout other free sites online. I'm a huge fan of recyled crafts and have a few aprons made out of old jeans and rag rugs that will probably help fill out my family and friends with a couple hand made incense burners I made out of clay.

Good luck!

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I've always made baskets when on a budget. With the 50 bucks you could use it to make homemade candies and fill it up. Maybe make a homemade candle for the ladies and for your brother put a 16oz of his fav beer with a bow on top.

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I don't know if it is your sister's style, but I"m doing copper bracelets for my female family members. There is a how to on here. (wire and beads are both pretty cheap, but look impressive)

For your brother- a lot of dollar places have novelty shot glasses or drink glasses (I found some a Target last year- one was pepermint candy and the other lit up when liquid was in it.)

I don't really know what to get your mom :C sorry!

Your nan might like something that is pictures of you and her maybe a baby pic and then some others: a collage might be nice.

For your Fiancee- depending on how good you are with a paint brush you might buy some terracotta pots and paint them (Favorite team or OS or game) and then give him seeds and some corny card like "My love for you grow and grows" (kinda dorky but I love dorky lol)

I hope this was helpful Good luck!

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'm making gifts this year too - my budget is very very limited!
Some ideas:

for your sister:
a nice cosmetic bag perhaps filled with a little mirror and some make-up brushes
some handmade jewelry
you could make a sugar scrub and/or bath salts

your brother:
I like the idea that Katy Marie suggested of novelty shot glasses or perhaps a stencilled T-shirt with something like: "One Tequila, two Tequila, three Tequila, Floor!"

your mom:
maybe a 'pamper' pack filled with a chocolate, some bath goodies (bath salts and sugar scrubs are easy to make), a magazine (even an old issue or two that you know she hasn't read), and a tealight

your nan:
a photo frame (made out of cardboard) with a pic of you or some wrist warmers

your fiancee
you could give him a photoframe too with a nice pic of the 2 of you

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o i read that wrong i thought you said your mom was traveling for some reason lol my bad Happy

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thanks everyone for the tips and ideas its really appreciated cause I hate buying for my family cause of my budget which is so limited >>

lol but yeah I like the idea of the shot glasses for my bro

and I think the cosmetic bag and a couple of little things would work for my sister

and lol babydrea that's okies I read things wrong all the time haha and she does kinda travel lol

I think my nan would like one of those pillows too if I can get my head around embriodery

and the pots sound cute though I'm not sure if Im that handy at painting haha but thanks all I've got a list happening now anyways

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