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I always love to customize my own clothes when i get bored with my old ones, I sewed rosettes i made from old t-shirts onto a plain tank
i used pliers to take studs off an old belt and then applied them along my jean pockets following the outline of the stitches
I like to make feather headband using feathers ( a bag= about $3 at craft stores) old headbands and felt
you could try cutting an old t-shirt into a vest following the how-to on this site (do a search for vests to find it)
the website www.lovemaegan.com has some GREAT clothing diy's: heres an example of a project from her site
also look up all the t-shirt diy's they have on this site, there are some really easy ways to update your wardrobe

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thanks alexis! Happy will have a look at the other sites you mentioned and see what i can find!

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