yet ANOTHER lame question...

I'm sad.

I just bought my first sewing machine (Brother LX3125) & I was in love..until today..

I just found out that it's not compatible with any other feet..NONE! Not even universal feet.

I really wanted to sew jersey knit and now I'll have to do it without a walking foot?! Is that even possible? Nearly every pattern I've bought recently calls for stretch fabrics..yikes! So..have any of you ever sewn jersey without a walking foot? Is there a way? Or do I need to save up (yet again) and get a better machine?


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Well depending on how long ago you bought the machine, you could just return it and say there's a defect. Get your money back and use that towards a new machine.

Or sell it on eBay. People LOVE buying sewing machines on eBay.

As my experience with sewing machines is limited to about 3 weeks, I've got nothing useful to say about not using a special foot to sew knits.

I don't even know what a walking foot is. =|

Best of luck to you!

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I may be an idiot, but I sew jersey knits all the time with the standard foot that came on my sewing machine. It's a mini Janome. I'm also totally sewing illiterate, and I always make it up as I go along, but so far I've gotten VERY minimal puckering, more from my own error than a problem with the machine.

...I also don't know what a walking foot is...aside from the feet on which I walk. (ba dmp dmp..)

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