metal stamping?

i was looking around on etsy to find someone who could custom stamp jewelry tags for me, and i came across a necklace or two that i loved, and they were metal stamped too. i got really excited and almost went straight for the add to cart botton to buy two, one for me, and one for my boyfriend, when i realized, uh-duh. i can do this. i found different sites that i can get the numbers and letters from. but where do i get the metal? and i haven't been able to find a "?" symbol which is what i wanted to put on my jewelry tags since im working under the name "pinky promise?"

id really appreciate it if any of you guys know where to get ther "?" or the tags and long pendants to stamp.

ill post a couple links to show you what im talking about...]=tags&includes]=title]=tags&includes]=title

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