Doll clothing...

I have some dolls that are about the size of those pluffies, only a bit smaller in body..and I wanted to make clothing for them..just to see if I could actually do it!
My mom had made the clothing for me (that they had on originally.) I don't know how to make dolls clothing..but, the ones thing that I did recently was buy clothing for stuffed animals(this certain "webbies" or whatever they are called! LOL! They actually fit on the dolls that I have!!
But, I would rather make the clothing, if I can help it...can you learn from what the clothing that you have..or must you have an actual pattern and ...are there ANY free doll clothing patterns online at all? I have been trying to find some..and alas..I cannot!!
ALso, where would they have doll clothing patterns? Would a place like Michaels, or fabric store sells those?

I can't recall all of the names of places that might sell stuff like that..and I also would like to know how much do patterns go for now a days?

I remember always going with my mom, when I was much younger and getting the patterns for her to make a dress and or searching thru the old pattern books, i.e. McCalls, and or whatever was out there!


P.S. I don't sew all that much..but, when I have ..I did learn how to make a few bags, with the pull ropes in them..and I did that through looking at a bag that was made professionally or by another person..and I finally got it right, after a try or two!
(It's been a long time though!!) LOL!


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