Alright, I tried to post this before, lets see if it works the 4th time. REVAMP CHALLENGE

Basically, Everything you wear must be either handmade, or drastically changed.

There is no cost limit on anything, but there is a limit on what you can show. You must wear everything you want to be considered a part of the judging, and how good it looks plus how hard it was to make will be apart of the judgding.

OK Rules

1. Everything you wear must be handmade or drastically revamped, including the socks and shoes, the accesories like earings or facial piercings [unless its new and you can't take it out, I'm not a tyrant or anything, lol]. If you make the makeup, that means EXTRA awesome for you.
2. When you submit your photo, you must also submit a list of what you are wearing and what you did to it.
3. Do not add any accessory you made or revamped
4. You cannot vote for yourself, and your vote is only counted once.
5. You must enter your photo and list buy December first, OR ELSE Happy
6. Judging will start December 2, and any vote submited before then will NOT be counted. I have my reasons Happy

When you submit your photo, I'd like you to fill this out, in order to have people mroe acurately vote

Clothing items done:
[feel free to add more]
Difficulty level of each:
[corresponding number with clothing item, rank from 1-10 1 being the easiest, 10 being the hardest].
Time spent:
Wearability [will the items fall apart from running around, delicasy, etc.]:

Alright, now for you voters, here are the rules, and obviously I have no way of inforcing them, but here they are anyway.

Judge them based on the difficulty of each item, allowances for age [because a 6 year old and a 26 year old doing the same difficulty, I think the 6 year old deserves more credit], and how good it looks on each. Take in how well the accessories fit, and definatley give more credit to those who've gone over the top [such as actually creating their own making, making their own hemp and making the bracelets out of the hemp, MAKING the clay to make the beads/buttons, etc. etc. etc.].

Alright... ready... set... GO!


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