How to display ear cuffs??

I want to participate in bazaars and whatnot, but I can't figure out a clean way to display my ear cuffs.

I want them to be against a plain background since they're very busy and it's hard to see them clearly when I hang them on a jewelry tree.

It's hard if they're just put on a table since they kind of do tangle some.

Initially they were on a big cork board hanging from push pins - which worked well enough - but we can't figure out how to make it stand/look nice (god forbid someone bumps it...everything falls down)... especially with limited table space

I'm wondering if you guys have anymore ideas?

Cheers <3

<a href="" title="Micuffs tag show by MiCuffs, on Flickr"><img src="" width="336" height="500" alt="Micuffs tag show"></a>

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I hope that you are notified that I am posting here!

While I was at the Renaissance Faire this year, there was a booth with ear cuffs. They had a sort of tray about an inch deep, that had these shelves. On the shelves were these kind of prongs, or "fingers" sticking up, that they slid the cuffs onto. They were small enough for the cuffs to rest near the bottom of the "fingers". They presented the tray in an upright standing position, so that saves space.

Hope that helps! I have been looking for other answers, but it's a hard idea to think up!

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Hi TK Rainy! I don't really understand the notifications so I just checked back every so often Tongue

I see what you mean in my imagination, Might have to build it but I kind of like the idea - I would be able to prop it up.

Thank you for the idea!! It is kind of a tough idea to think up :/

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