So maybe I'm really impatient, but...

How long do you have to wait until your projects get approved for publishing?
I posted about 8 projects last week and I'm still waiting for approval. I was just wondering if there is a certain amount of waiting time, or if it's just because the moderators are really busy at this moment?

Also, how come my profile picture doesn't take one of the avatars I uploaded? Is there another way to upload a profile picture that I'm not aware of?

Thank you and looking forward to a response.


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Hey Amber.
There seems to be a problem with avatars at the moment, so we're looking in to that now.
The problem with your projects was that you had posted 6 versions of the same thing. They have now been published, but we've nested 5 of the pouches underneath 1 which we've made a creation.

Quick note for everyone: if you want your projects published super quick, ensure to include a photo, tagline, summary (if you're only posting a creation), set the time, difficulty and add all of the needs in to the 'What You'll Need Box'. Also try to avoid making your summary sound like a sales pitch and stick to describing how and why you made etc. Keep all links to the promotions box and please don't say that you've made the item to sell etc.


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Thanks. i didn't know that i couldn't upload more than one of the same thing. i will remember that for the future.

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