Troubles with the needs list


When i wrote my last how-to, i've troubles with fill the "You Will Need" list.
I enter each item in it, but when i click on "Save" and after "Preview", i only see some of the items.
I go back on the edit page, and refresh it, indeed my list has been randomly cutted ..
Weird .. i re-enter the missing items, and Save then Preview. Same problem, some of my items go away ... =_=

I thought that's because i don't click on Save each time, on the quantity dialog box, but i've make again my list, click on each Save button, and i had troubles again ..

After i've click on Save i did'nt click on preview and directly on Publish, but one item was missing again .. I re-enter it, and now i think my list is fine . o_O"

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You are the saying, "if at first you don't succeed, Try, Try again!" Wow! Good on you!

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