Looking for bands..?

So, I'm planning issue number one of my first ever music zine, which is going to be totally awesome, it's going to come with a free cassette and get sold on etsy and (hopefully) through some online zine publishers if I get a good enough response.

I was wandering if anyone here is in a band and wanted to send me over a demo? It's not exactly a post suited for a craft website, but eh, creative people are creative people, right? I've got a few friends from Uni signed up already (I'm on a music degree, so wasn't too hard to find people) but really want as many people as possible.

So yeh, e-mail me or post some contact details down here for me if you've got something you can send to be included. It really is a great promo for bands, cause all the bands featured will get a copy, so at the very least all the other guys will see you even if no one buys it... I'm rambling, but yeah, love to hear from you XD.

jennie_stokes@hotmail.co.uk (or just message through this site).

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