jazz (poem)

heres a poem i submitted to teen ink magazine raw that was recently published

Sweet voices
Like sparkling honey
Sitting in it’s bowl in the light
The honey slowly spills
Making gold rivers of sugar
On the bright grass
Then suddenly
Rain patters
Thunder hits
The drums have joined
The drums and voices have twined together
It is beautiful
Then the cello comes along
A low and old
Yet wise sound
Slowly arrives in the song
Very long notes at first
Then trills
And then you hear the saxophone
Like a rebel
Complaining you want to listen to
That jumps into the song when you least expect it
The horn comes in with the saxophone
Like two old brothers
They always argue
In exploding musical conversations
And then all the instruments hit one note
That last note
It’s over
Yet you will remember that tune forever, in snaps and hums
Because it is jazz right?

hope you like it!
i got inspired by a beautiful frank sinatra song awhile ago i was listening to
i know his songs are very old fashioned but they are very, very good
anything can inspire a poem
and anyone can write something amazing

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