I didn't get the job :(

So I posted a thread a little while ago about a french interview I had to do that I was nervous for and so many people chimed in their suggestions that were wonderful and really helped but I just learned today via e-mail that I'm not getting the job.

It sucks because I was really starting to think I was in. You see I got an e-mail after applying for the job saying that they would like to do 3 interviews with me. So I called the number provided and I got a reply and the next day I did a 45 minute phone interview which went really well (if I do say so myself) I engaged the lady in professional talk but we also chatted about my university and the city it was in and I could tell she liked me because she said so and she said that I passed phase 1 and I would then have to do a french interview. So I scheduled time to do a french phone interview which I did well. The woman on the phone said I had all the right background and that my french was good enough and that I passed phase 2 and that I should be expecting a call soon. So phase 3 is an interview in the office building itself but today I got a mass e-mail saying that I'm no longer in the running for the job but that they are still interested in working with me and that I should wait 6 months and re-apply.

This whole thing sucks because like I said I thought I was getting close and this was a good job. I would be getting a good wage and I would be working fixed part-time hours and I would qualify for benefits PLUS I would be working in an office (which I really wanted) and now I'm not getting the job.

I told myself I wouldn't get my hopes up but after doing so many interviews that seemed to go really well I thought I was in.

I know it sounds stupid but I feel like they've been leading me on for a couple weeks for nothing and the only silly saying that comes to mind is "we was robbed"

I shall now bury myself in doubt, pity, dissapointment and music for some time...

The worst part of this whole thing is I know my parents were getting excited for me and now I have to tell them it's not going anywhere. They were saying "Did that woman call back yet? No? She will!"

This sucks.

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Aww I'm really sorry you didn't get the job! Just remember that it's not the end of the world. The same thing happened to my friend, he applied, went to 3 interviews then after the third they told him he didn't get the job. It seems really unfair to lead people on but just remember that they can't hire everyone who applied..

I suggest you do something to take your mind off it. Rent a few feel good movies to watch with you friends or do something you've wanted to do for a while. It'll help.

After a few days or whenever you feel ready, try applying for other jobs, maybe ones similar to this. It seems as if you can definitely speak French really well since you got so far in the interviews so you should have no problem getting a job where you have to speak French.

Good luck!

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Lo-sorry you didn't get it !

Interviewing seems to be such a long and complicated process.Joss has some great suggestions.

Indulge yourself and know you've just experiences one more of life's little lessons.

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Thanks everyone! I was mad for a bit and then sad for a day or two but now I'm fine... Moving on to the next possibility. It's funny because I found out a couple days ago that my cousin (who I haven't really talked to in about 2 years) got the job. How weird is that? I think what sealed the deal with her is that she has worked in a call center (same type of place I applied for) for 2 years already but she got laid off because they closed. So she had 2 years of experience on me. Oh well it's bitter-sweet really... I didn't get the job but a family member did. Funny life is.

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