Friends Youth Group is ticking me off!!

I have recently started going to my friends church for youth group on wednesday. I've been going off and on for about 3 months now. More recently I've been going every week cuz I've been grounded and that's the only privelage I have. But last wednesday they told me that I shouldn't hang out with my jahovas (I think that's how you spell it) witness friend AT ALL anymore because he'll ruin my christianity. I've never been religous, I'm not a christian and I'm really only going to be with her and eat the yummy food. So now when I bring up my other friend the leader people act like I've just brought the devil into the room and kissed him. So it's really ticking me off that they're trying to control who are my friends. Someone please tell me how to express my fellings about this to them politely! Thanks!!

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Ouch, that's rough. When it comes to that kind of thing it's very hard to change people's minds.
I'd honestly consider not bringing it up, but I also know how important it is to be loyal to your friends so here's how I see you could possibly patch it up.
- Tell them that Jesus loved everyone. I'll admit, it's cheesy but it's true! Jesus wasn't a judgmental prick, he wanted to help people and give them hope. I wouldn't put it in the exact words I just did but you get the idea.
- Tell them, straight out that he's your friend they're talking about, and before anything else he is that. You have to tell them that you will not tolerate hate of any kind towards what he believes, it's his choice, not theirs. He isn't harming anyone, he isn't forcing his opinions on anyone else, as far as I'm concerned he's doing nothing wrong.
- Tell them that it's not their place to decide who is or is not a bad influence on you. What it comes down to is what YOU decide to do. You aren't a sheep. You have your own beliefs, your own thoughts, your own opinions. Just because your friend thinks one thing does not mean you have to think that, make sure they understand that you can make you're own decisions on what to believe.
- Tell them that they are preaching intolerance. This might get you a slapped wrist or the boot but it's totally true. They are. Incredibly so, and it's not okay on any level.

I know this post is late considering when you posted this topic but I hope it helps!
I'm Christian and live in a very liberal town so most of the churches around me are open minded kind folk so I've never had this issue before but I've gotten in arguments sort of like this before. I'm an emotionally driven person though so I can come out sounding harsh a lot so just keep in mind to start out easy going and keep calm. Be the bigger person.

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