New Sewing Machine

I got a Singer Tradition 2250 sewing machine for Christmas, and finally got it out to use it. Only I can't get it to work.
I've threaded the machine, and re-threaded it, about 10 different times. I've checked and re-checked the bobbin to make sure it was in correctly. And I still can't get the bottom thread to come out the top!

Can anyone help me??? Please! I'm so frustrated with it!

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OK so you need to lift the bobbin thread to the top.
Thread top needle -gently hold thread
Taking hold of the big wheel at the side rotate through 360 degrees away from you.This will bring needle down and up collecting the thread.
Pull the two threads to the left and you should be good to go.
Hope this helps

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Thanks. I know how to go about trying to get the thread up, it just wasn't working. The top thread kept getting stuck somewhere by the bobbin case.

I finally got it figured out though. I just had to push the bobbin case in until it snapped. Only I didn't figure that out until I called the help number, because nowhere in the manual does it say anything about it snapping into place.`

Anyways, I got it figured out and everything works fine now.
Thanks though! =)

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Have fun !

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good luck, but keep in mind the manufacture's warrenty requires you to keep the box. My singer blew the motor within the year but the company refused to honor the warranty because I didn't have the orignal packaging.
I'm never going back to singer since they're not like they used to be.

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Ooo..that's bad customer service Delilah. Where do you live because in England we have 3 rules for purchases in this order.

1 Repair

2 Replace

3 Refund

If the item cannot be repaired in warranty then it should be replaced with the same or a substitute simular if the same is not available.

A refund is given where an item cannot be repaired or replaced to a satisfactory standard.

I have had problems before with items that didn't do the job they were sold for. The phrase I use is 'not fit for the purpose it was sold for'. I've always got my money back or item replaced.

When you buy something you are entering into a legal contract even if it is a verbal agreement. You are agreeing to purchase an item and the seller is agreeing to provide you with an item fit for purpose (unless they have told you it needs attention, which they should legally tell you). Any breach of that 'contract' incurs liability.

Check your guarantee info. The fact that you were still in warrenty at the time of the problem and you informed them then means that you probably have a good case against them. A lot of big companies try it on at getting away with not honouring warranties. They use all sorts of sneaky ways to pass 'blame' onto the customer.

Check with a small claims advisor to get more info and if that fails think about ringing the company up and telling them you are a member of a world wide crafters website and you are letting everyone you know around the world how bad their customer service is.

Good luck Happy

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North Eastern America. I've called again and they said if I payed for shipping they would have someone 'look' at it to determine if it's my error. That was how the lady on the phone put it. I escilated and it didn't get much further, just different wording.

Sadly since the orignal company started contracting out customer service and the dependable machinary has been few and far between. I would much prefer to stick with my old 1970's model that I got from my mother, but theres no longer anyone near where I live that I can have do the ajustments to get it to work correctly.

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That really is bad customer service. It sounds like they are trying to wriggle out of the warrenty promises. It shouldn't have gone wrong so quickly so it's not really fit for purpose. Ask them if they will refund your shipping costs if you do send it back to them.

If you have a shop closer who sells them you may be able to send it back through them as they will have deliveries to and from the company. It could work out cheaper.

The only problem with sending it back to them is that they could claim it was your fault even if it wasn't and then they would charge you for a repair and shipping back costs. That could end up being more than the value of the machine.

See if you have a consumer watchdog. Someone who will look at the warrenty and legal side. There are groups that work on behalf of consumers who haven't had a fair deal but I'm not sure what they would be called in America. In England we can get free consumer rights help.

Also check out what conditions apply in the state where the company has it's head office. There are ways of finding out things for free. Libraries and internet good sorces of info.

Keep bugging them and make a nuisance of yourself. Send them lots of the same letter addressed for the personal attention of someone in a top position at the company. It's best to have a named person as post has to be delivered seperately from 'ordinary' post. Just write one and photocopy it. Post every 2 or 3 days. Their post room will get fed up with seeing them and it will make them take notice. It works because I have done it...Lol

Better still if you can spam the company inbox with the same complaint e-mail as it would be cheaper ;)

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Since there is already a sewing machine help thread (convinient) I too just got a new sewing machine only mine isnt so new.
its from 1956 i think, anyway its a Singer. It is in greeat shape just needs some oil because it hasnt been used since 1956 still has the original needle in it. Okay my issue
i read the owners maunal over and over and it says "use only singer needles" and "only singer oil" well, um yeah i dont wanna break it trying to figure out how to use it.
question 2 is can i use motor oil to lube it?

help please. TY

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Any machine oil works. It's usually a thinner grade. In England we call it 3 in 1 oil. Singer use to use it's own oil and needles in the past to promote product loyalty...Lol

As for the needles, just check to see if they have a flat edge on one side or not. Sewing machine needles are universal. The difference is how they fit into the machine.

Check if your machine needle has the hole facing forwards or sideways if it has a round shaft. It's easy to see sometimes as the thread will comfortably be placed at the side or front when threading. You can try both ways to check and it won't do any harm. A flat sided needle will only fit one way.

If the machine hasn't been used for a while remove the bobbin and the bobbin case and clean the housing to get rid of fluff. Add a drop of oil onto a lint free cloth to wipe round the housing.

Check for fluff build up under the dog foot plate (metal plate where needle goes through) Sometimes there is a screw to undo.

Oil the shaft which controls the needle from the top. There is usually a hole for oil.

Check the belt is tight enough. Sometimes the belts become dried out and do not fit properly so the machine will not run smoothly causing jumping of stitches. Put a drop of oil at the joint between the belt wheel and body of the machine.

If you can get to the underside of the machine there is a long shaft with a joint at each end. Clear away any fluff and oil the joints.

Don't be tempted to over oil. It's best to do a bit and try to run it and do a bit more. Things will ease off with use.

Nearly forgot...most important...check the connections on the foot control are in good order and the motor is free from fluff and debris. You can remove the motor cover and use a small paint brush to clean it.

Hope this helps

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