Urgh. Rude parents

Okay, well it's more like ONE rude parent. I don't really see my dad as being rude (except he's chewed out every one of my past bfs he's met, yikes) so that's an all clear.
But my <b>MOM</B>. <i>oh dear</i>.

She doesn't know/understand social awkwardness.
Lyk... she says things that are very inconsiderate and inappropriate at the worst times.
She's not cold about it or anything. Just severely naive.

But pretty soon it's going to have to come to the point where I'm going to have to take my parents to meet my bf's parents. And no matter how I see it, I can't imagine it going well.

[Another note: My parents are Korean. His parents are Japanese. I'm half of both :0 See the problem?]


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yup I see the problem, hatred rund deep and you have to remember what happen during the wars are still fresh in their minds. Its a hard thing to overcome.

Plus I lived in Asia, your mom isn't rude. They are very honest, frank and upfront. When I lived in China, women used to tell me that I was the first non fat whiteperson they ever met.

Asian social norms are differnt from North American, if anything Asians and Europeans are more open then North Americans, NA like to keep what they want to say outlound in their heads and wisper and gossip. I rather the person tell me.

again, its just a culture issue, you are just going to have to put up with it, she was raised that way, and its hard to get rid off. You have to want to change.

and if you want your parents to meet, do it in a public place, like a resturant.

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