craft is an art form

craft (krăft)

Skill in doing or making something, as in the arts; proficiency. See synonyms at art1.

Skill in evasion or deception; guile.

An occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or skilled artistry.

The membership of such an occupation or trade; guild.

pl. craft. A boat, ship, or aircraft.

tr.v., craft·ed, craft·ing, crafts.
To make by hand.

Usage Problem. To make or construct (something) in a manner suggesting great care or ingenuity: “It was not the Chamber of Commerce that crafted the public policies that have resulted in a $26 billion annual subvention to the farmers” (William F. Buckley, Jr.).
[Middle English, from Old English cræft.]

crafter craft'er n.
USAGE NOTE Craft has been used as a verb since the Old English period and was used in Middle English to refer specifically to the artful construction of a text or discourse. In recent years, crafted, the past participle of craft, has enjoyed a vogue as a participle referring to well-wrought writing. Craft is more acceptable when applied to literary works than to other sorts of writing, and more acceptable as a participle than as a verb. Seventy-three percent of the Usage Panel accepts the phrase beautifully crafted prose. By contrast, only 35 percent accept the sentence The planners crafted their proposal so as to anticipate the objections of local businesses.

Some people belive that crafty projects are not art. Here in Newfoundland we have a strong history of craft. Blankets and quilts, pillows, hand made necklaces and jewlery...its wearable art.

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Ok, my two cents (or pennies, over here!)

Craft and art are different things. Craft is making small things to do something- from making a room look nice to sorting out a place to put your things. Art is for decoration, shock value and to change the world.

When a piece of art is made, and people want to comment on how well it has been made, they say "the craftmanship is wonderful". Craft is a skill.

However- this is not to say that craft can't be art. To make craft art you just have to push a few boundaries, and play about with subject matter. You are still crafting, but now you're crafting art.

I think it's important to note the difference, especially for me. When I go to college and I make things, sew things, stick things together, do drawings- I have to make sure what I do is art, as I am on art course. When I am at home and I am knitting myself a scarf or sewing a little plushie for a friend- that is craft, that is made entirely to please and not to shock or anything.

Here, when I made this laptop cosy- this was craft

When I did this (unfinished) piece of machine embroidery on Enoch Powell, a tory politician who was sacked for making a racist speech about immigration, that was art

I don't think that craft is any less than art, I love them both and they hold an equal place in my heart- I just think they're different.

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Well I think that craft is an art for.

"ART: 1. the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. "

I think that your bag, roma, is beautiful and its appealing. It is art to me. Its incredibly cute and creative

Art for me, has to do with creativity. Its not only that, and without creativity there can still be art, but Music, dance, Visual art, Theatre, all of that is considered an art form.

I know they say "arts AND crafts", but crafts CAN be an art as well. It all depends on which craft.

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I think they are both a way of expressing emotion...regardless of whether you are trying to impress or not. And I see art as expression.

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I don't think it depends on which craft at all - any craft can be art! There's just a line where craft becomes art.

Art is all about idea. Think about all the (considered) great artists- they all had ideas, and told the world about them.

Brunelleschi, ideas on perspective (correct ideas!). Alberti- ideas on harmony. Ziip forward a bit in time (the majority of my in-depth art history knowledge comes from the early renaissance in florence) great gothic architects- ideas on religion, and how to represent it in form, sir john everett millais- ideas on beauty, Manet- ideas on politics, Degas- ideas on feminism (imo), Rothko- ideas on expressing basic human emotion, Warhol- ideas on the corrupt mass production system, douglas- ideas on black power, hirst- ideas on life and death (and whatever else makes him money.)

And not just visual arts, all other forms of art- the greats all had an idea and they all used craft to execute that idea. But it's the original idea that turns the craft to art.

When I craft, for example the above bag- I did that because I was totally and utterly inspired by something else. I completely stole the idea off another. Sure, she didn't make a laptop cosy- but the idea of the house, I took from her. That's what's beautiful about the craft for craft's sake world, everyone shares ideas, I love it.

Art however, you can't share ideas- otherwise everything is the same, and what's the point in art that doesn't make you stop in your tracks and look?

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Well I've heard numerous quotes that true originality is almost completely gone.

Everything that most people create is somehow inspired by someone else, by something else. If monet had never seen a stary sky, he could not have made that painting. The way he did it was original, his brush strokes and his views were original, but it is all inspired by SOMETHING.

Whether is be the art of mother nature, or the art of another artist.

Just because we get our idea's and our concepts from other people, doesn't mean that it is not longer art. It is always the way you percieve something and how you represent that in your work.

I'm not saying thats what you did with your bag, it may not be art, I don't know, but I am saying that sharing ideas isn't bad, and it doesn't mean that its not art, because blending different techniques can create soemthing magnificent.

With almost every great scientific discovery, scientists shared, or just completely stole ideas from other scientists. Darwin got many of his idea's by studying the works of Thoman Huxley.

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Art is Art. It is the being who defines it, not a dictorary.

Craft projects, can either be just that or art.

I mean, look at Abstract Art. to me that isn't "art" that was person very bored with paints. I could do that to. Take my straw and blow paint all over it, give it a meaningful name "Angry Cats at Dinner time" and it would be considered abstract. And i still would consider it a waste of good canvus. Even if it sold for $10 000, it would just be a very exspensive waste of canvus.

And than i could also spend days and days on something soft and fluffy like a plushie for a friend, and i would feel it was art, and even tough it most likely wouldnt give mea penny for its name, i would perfer it over my "Angry Cats at Dinner Time" any day of the week.

So, it depends Happy

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Roma I agree, there is a fine line.

But art is Art


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You misunderstand me Dis, (and re reading my post I can see why!)

I guess inspire was the wrong word, of course everyone is inspired by something, and yeah- Starry Sky was a good example (although, did you mean Van Gogh?) I meant that crafting is a far more literal representation of another idea.

But then, I guess it is useless trying to change someone else's views on what denotes art/craft? One man's trash, another man's treasure.

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I think craft is art. Craft requires a lot of skill and practice, like 'real' art, there is probably more skill in craft then there is in modern art. Definitin of art to me is creating something that's beautiful/a metaphor/thought provoking etc, and that can be in any medium, whether it be wood or paint or fimo, pen, paper etc

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OH yes, I meant van gogh! ACK! lol. I don't know why I said Monet...

and I suppose I agree, one man's trash anothers treasure thing.

I also agree that its all interpretation. What I consider art, many other people wouldn't, and so on and so forth.

Many people consider basquiat a hack and "any child could do it", while I think he is so ... I don't know... interesting and creative and extreme and.. just amazing!! I also think whoever started making those Andy Warhol bags is kind of a genius. I mean come on... commercializing commercialism. Its so ironic and funny! Its GENIUS! lol.

To each there own though Happy

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