Crafting Ethics Dilemma!

I am at a loss here...
Many years ago, when my mother was a teenager, she inherited several ivory & bone necklaces which she wouldn't ever wear because, well, ivory.
Recently, she passed them along to me with the idea that I could use the materials for my beading projects, but I find myself in the same predicament as she was: is it ethical for me to use ivory?

I love natural materials, but it seems like none of them are ethically sourced! Cry

PS: the shadow is my feline. He wants me to work on something so that he can inhibit me

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Those animals were killed and are long dead and that act cannot be taken back by anyone. Future deaths of animals for bones and tusks can be stopped but we can only learn from the past not change it, no matter how much we may wish to. It is better to take their remains and create something beautiful than to leave them in a box and ignore them, to let them die for nothing.

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