EV850-2T Lightweight laser screed

EV850-2T Lightweight laser screed(link: https://www.concrete-laser-screed.com/laser-screed/ev850-2t-lightweight-laser-screed) also is called walk behind laser screed, It is designed for complicated concrete construction such as single layer or double layer reinforcing mesh, lower slump concrete, worse foundation condition and so on. If you face to those situation, this kind of machine will accomplish better construction effect.
EV850-2T Laser screed is widely used in various concrete constructions for higher demands of floor quality. Flatness of concrete floor leveled by laser screed is greatly increased. Besides, this kind of machine is able to pave high intensive, low slump and fiber concrete with ease. Its laser system is equipped with several automatic control element, which monitors elevation of leveling head in real time at a frequency of 10 times per second, so that flatness and levelness of paved floor can be effectively controlled.
EV850-2T Lightweight Laser screed machine is a large equipment, although it is a useful machine, it has some disadvantages, if you face to complicate floor, lightweight laser screed is a better choice for more effective construction.
Lightweight laser screed is equipped with Hiking patent laser leveling technology, it complete leveling, compacting and vibrating in one time. Construction speed of this kind of laser screed is very fast because it can automatically set elevation and allow operator constructs in working site fastly and effectively.
Compact and light design of light weight laser screed make it is operated very convenient. It is equipped with Japanese Honda engine, it provides stronger motor to the machine, makes it to be driven and operated steadily.
EV850-2T Lightweight laser screed is equipped with convenient electric-start motor and brand-new designed control plate, all of which makes it convenient to operate this machine.
Hydraulic driven motor allow the machine construct to low slump concrete, and run smoothly on bar-mat reinforcement or other barrier. Automatic leveling device equipped on this machine makes easy construction of high standard floor.
Features and advantages of lightweight laser screed
Easy to wipe out redundant concrete;
Performance is improved’
Torque is larger;
Operation is more smoothly
Rotation is more powerful;
Level function of the machine is automatic;
Starting of vibrator is gentle;
Levelness is increased by 25%;
The machine is equipped with Honda engine;

Medium walk behind lightweight laser screed
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