Hello quilters

I am new to this site. I am retired and live in Cheshire,UK.
I have been interested in Patchwork for a couple of years although I enjoy all sorts of crafts. I belong to a knitting/ crochet group and also 2 embroidery groups, one cross stitch, the other a group restoring all the soft furnishings in two 17th century local houses. This involves crewel work, cross stitch, black work and gold work.
Up to last year, I was also making greeting card which I sold for our local homeless charity. As my New Year resolution, I decided to concentrate on Patchwork and Quilting which I started doing last year and I set about reorganising my small workroom into a sewing room cum office. It is now up and running and I have started sewing a chest runner for my hall. I am up to backing and binding and I'll see if I can post a photo when it's done. I found the pattern on Pinterest but am hoping to find this site more helpful.
I have earmarked the Spin Me Round pattern for my next project so here is looking forward to a happy quilting future.

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