Stylish shoes to walk up to summer

Summer is fast approaching. What news to buy in your shoe cabinet? Bet on style and comfort at the same time and choose from our design favorites. Whether you prefer open or closed shoes, heels or flats, we have something for everyone!

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Let's take a slow start, we don't touch sandals right now, but we don't want to give up our sneakers even during the summer evenings. If you don't like open shoes, stylish espadrilles or classic loafers will be a great summer option. Sophisticated details create a statement piece from each piece.

Open back
For a smooth transition, choose the elegantly covered front of the shoe. The flashback trends have returned to full strength and shape to the tip, which is less comfortable, but when you find suitable flats, again combines comfort with taste. Heel lovers can certainly bet on them too, comfortable of us will love mules.

Barely there
The hot temperatures will call for super fashionable and even more comfortable sandals. Get off your heels and take a break from yourself and your feet. Flats are also the most trendy. Throwback hit will be represented by sandals, which everyone has already worn on many school trips, but do not resist logomania or neon.

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