a.k.a. PienderZ

As long as I can remember I love to be creative. I also come from a home where we were realy motivated to do it ourself.
My dad was the creative brain behind this. I sewed little dresses for us and teached us how to draw and craft.

So yeah, I can't remember a time where I didn't work with my hands.

I am always very passionate about learning in something new. As a result, many hobbies have passed the revu.

recently I decided to capture all these hobbies in a vlog on youtube together with my non-creative hobbies such as shopping, festivals, festivals and motherhood.

I hope you like my tutorials and crafts and be more than welcome to contact me if you have any quistions or tips.
I also like to hear if you would be interested in English videos. If there is sufficient demand, I will certainly consider this

Lots of greetings from the wet Netherlands
Paulina #PienderZ

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