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Just a Lil about me... I've been married to my Best Friend now for 7 years. Between the two of us, We have 4 Wonderful kids (2 sons/2 daughters) and their Awesome, Spouses... Between them ( except for one couple) We have been Blessed with 9 Granddaughters... Yes, NINE and NO boys yet... (I've let my order be known...Trust me!!!)
I have recently been (what like to be optimistic) blessed to be able to go on the Road with my husband (truck driver)
I have recently started losing my vision... So, I'm blessed to be able to ride and "SEE" Our Beautiful Country whole I still can!
In the process I thourghly enjoy crocheting new things for friends and family. And maybe even some things I could make and possible sell, too.... So I can buy more yarn!!!❤
The photo is an Afghan I made for Our Granny... and she was actually buried with it when she passed away.

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