Paragliding - How to do it?

To learn paragliding, you'll need to get expert guidance. There is no such thing as self-teaching paragliding, so it's important to choose a suitable place for training. If you can, find a training site where you can learn on-site instead of in a classroom.
Getting started in paragliding

Paragliding is a sport that is both safe and easy to learn. It can be enjoyed by just about anyone, but it is important to take precautions and know your limitations before you begin. Although maintaining flight isn't particularly challenging, the takeoff and landing are difficult and require a high degree of precision. Aside from practicing the correct technique, paragliding also requires perfect weather conditions.

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The first steps towards becoming a certified paraglider include completing an introductory course. This course will introduce you to the sport, introduce you to the equipment, and introduce you to the different techniques used to fly. You will begin with ground handling, where you practice checking the direction of the wind, practicing landing sequences, and learning directional control. After completing your first lesson, you can begin practicing your new skills during short flights. In these flights, you'll practice new skills, such as canopy take-off and landing. You'll also practice commands, straight flights, and turning with increasing height.

Single surface course

If you've never flown a paraglider before, a single surface course is a great place to start. Using lightweight, compact wings, this type of flight is easy to learn and fly. This course also teaches you about meteorology and first aid. Afterward, you'll have the knowledge and proficiency necessary to safely paraglide under the supervision of an instructor.
There are two basic types of single surface courses. One focuses on the basics of flying with a paraglider, while the other focuses on advanced techniques. The latter is more advanced and geared toward more experienced pilots. Both involve learning the proper techniques for handling the glider and using gestures during take-off and landing.

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