Hello, I'm Patty - Cooking Enthusiast

Hi everyone!

My name is Patrycja, but you can call me Patty for short. I'm 19, I come from Poland and live there too. I am a huuuge fan of cooking and making homemade sweets - and when a new recipe idea comes to my mind, you'll find it really difficult to get me out of my kitchen Tongue Apart from that, I like sport, especially running, dancing and exercising at home. I love animals, I own a cat and a dog - and I also used to be a hamster mom. I plan to start studying medicine in the fall and if everything goes well, in the future I'll be a doctor. I dream of travelling and visiting most countries in Europe - my focus is especially on Great Britain, the Netherlands and Italy.

Next week a few of my very own recipes will be published here, so if I have managed to pique your curiosity, please stay alert!

And if you feel like getting to know me better, check out my IG: https://www.instagram.com/healthier_pattsy/

Thanks for reading x

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