Water, the best ally of beautiful skin

It's no secret that drinking water is essential for good health. But did you know that water is also a beauty ally?
The body of an adult is made up of about 60% water (although this percentage varies according to age, sex and the amount of fat). Drinking lots of water is important for maintaining this figure and staying healthy. But that's not all, because water can also help you reveal your natural beauty.
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Drink water for soft, hydrated skin
The skin is made up of 64% water, which is why dehydration does not succeed. Before thinking about moisturizers, you must first moisturize your skin from the inside by drinking and consuming foods containing water. If the skin is healthy, it shows in appearance! So be sure to drink between 1.5 L and 2.5 L of water per day (the recommendations vary according to the age, height, weight and sex of the person as well as according to the temperature and activity athletic). If you're having trouble reaching your goal, try our 11 flavored water recipes to drink water with greed!
Be especially careful in summer when you get dehydrated faster because of the heat and where the sun's rays can attack your hair and skin. To hydrate your hair easily, discover the Aussie Miracle Moist range for beautiful hair in all circumstances.
Drink water for younger looking skin
Over time, if it is not hydrated properly, the skin may lose elasticity. The more it loses elasticity, the more it tends to relax and reveal wrinkles. Always well hydrated skin will be less quickly marked by the signs of time. Unlike water, avoid sugary drinks which will have the opposite effect.
Wash your face for clear skin
Cleaning your face is a daily gesture that should not be taken lightly. If the skin is poorly cleaned, the residue can lead to blemishes and if the cleaning is too aggressive, the skin can dry out and become irritated. For a good cleaning, it is necessary to start by washing with lukewarm water in order to open the pores. After applying your cleanser, finish with cold water which will instead tighten the pores and have a mattifying effect.
Cold water against swollen eyes
To fight against swollen eyes, nothing like the cold! You can promote microcirculation by passing very cold water over the affected area. If that's not enough, use chamomile or green tea bags to soak in cold water and apply to your eyes until the bags have returned to room temperature.
But water is not the only element that comes into play to have beautiful skin. If you want to know more, discover all our tips for beautiful skin.

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