Archos 5.

I'm looking at a new mp3 player, and am debating between getting a new iPod touch, or an Archos 5. The Archos beats the iPod in a lot of schtuff:

features- It has an attachment that you can plug into a TV, set a timer, and it records the show straight from the TV to your player. If thats not cool, I don't know what is.

GBs- comes in more options.

Price- 60GB is only $349.99. An iPod touch is 32GB for the same price. XD

and high def. screen. 4.8 inches.

but the only downside is that it's huge. iahfjdfhjdsfhsjg. it's like the size of a large index card. Much too big for a pocket.
Haha. But anyway, after rattling off all these stats, the question is

Does size matter? Or should you go for quality?

Oh, and btw, heres a picture. It's rwweeally snazzy. XD

Hehe. I feel like such a geek. XD

Anyway, thank you. Happy

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Well, I think you should go for quality.
yes ,I pod touch is smaller, but you have to consider your needs.

I hope that helps. Happy

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