whats in your purse?

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Oh what Ink did you get Jeanette?! I'm dying for a new tattoo, I wish nightly that a good tattoo artist will just fall into my lap and beg me to let them work on me for hours! lol. Sadly My purse is way emptier than usual so this will be quick:

3 Pens- Red, Green, and Black
1 Halloween Pencil
My Wallet (with Chain)... Clearly I didn't have a Belt Loop last time I went out. Happy
Some Yummy Hard Candy Lipstick
and My House Key...
and of course Tampons.
That's it... Boring. Happy But it was fun to share that with you all.

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SpookySweeting, if you go under fashion and beauty and click the post tattoo and piercings you can find pictures of my newest tattoo and my recent redone tattoo. Both pictures are on page 12.

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Oh, Awesome! Thanks so much (46) lol Tongue Going now...

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I recently just cleaned out my purse, so now it just has these lil things:
+ tissues
+ cell phone
+ Big Nightmare Before Christmas clutch/Wallet (with tons more crap in it, but no money! >.<)
+ compact Mirror
+ 4 different lip/chapsticks
+ Roll-on perfume (thats almost empty >.<)
+ keyring (with more keychains then keys)
+ GermX
+ Condoms
+ about 5 post-its, with random crap i need to get on them. lol
+ mini luck-dragon toy (im afraid to take him out XD)
+ Fingerless hobo gloves
+ a 'Ponyo' dvd i borrowed from my friend.
+ a button/pin i need to give to my friend.
+ Soymilk carton coinpurse. =D
and + 1 mint

My new Demonia purse (has skulls, studs, & bondage rings on it!) is the size of a suitcase bag. So basically it looks empty. I'd have to run away somewhere to actually make it full. lol XDD ...usually theres also

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no matter what, there is always a notebook and a few pen and pencils scattered about. you never know when your inspiration might strike.

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This was what was in my bag on the weekend

- wallet (actually had money in it this time Happy)
- my phone
- camera
- a bright pink umbrella
- eye patches x 2 (ya know.. like pirates?)
- a hand full of pony beads
- lip gloss
- some loose change
- a coin from montana (I live in Australa)

Umm... thats all I can think of.. there was probably loads more random crap..

Oh, yeah, my bag is black with a rainbow transformer logo on it Happy

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oh man, there's always a mess going on in my purse. lets see whats in there today!

misfits wallet
black eyeliner
sephora lip gloss
blow pops and gum
misc. coins
eye drops
mini can of hair spray
cell phone
mp3 player
hot pink lipstick
bottle with ibuprofen and pain reliever

... yes, i require a large purse every day. =P

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Ooo, nice topic- Glad to see I'm not the only one who sometimes packs like she's going on an epic quest or something... lol

I've gone through a number of bags, but I only have 2 at the moment- a small red backpack like shoulder bag, and a bright yellow and black messanger style purse (well, it's got one strap and you wear it like a messenger bag, anyway. Not sure how else to describe it >_<). Usually they're covered in all my various buttons/pins that I've collected, but at the moment the yellow bag just has a green and brown butterfly pin that I made.

Right now I've got, in the yellow one:
digita camera in it's red quilted case
mini note pad
pen w/ highlighter
lip balm (Burt's Bees <3)
house key
mini bottle glasses cleaning solution
travel sewing kit in metal case w/ rose picture on top
silver, heart shaped compact mirror
swiss army knife
purple highly collapsable umbrella
mp3 player and earphones
hand sanitizer (peach)

I've also been known to carry (although not all at the same time):
current writing notebook (full-sized, not a mini one)
sketch pad
tin of sketching pencils
zippered hooded sweater
water bottle
random jewellery
current novel/book
post-it notes for making spots in said novel/book/note book
contact lenses
copper wire
reusable grocery bag
duct tape
random stuff I've picked up walking (coin, marble, beach glass, leaf...)

I was worse when I use to haul my backpack to and from school- I'd usually have several books, note books, thermos... it weighed a ton. Now I try to take smaller bags and not carry so many things, especially if I'm just running errands and not going on a day trip!

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lets see...
-packet of tissues

well, i obviously don't have very much stuff.
sometimes it has textbooks, music books (for school and music lessons) and if i'm going to work then i'll have jeans, cap and work shirt in there. and newspaper.

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