How To Keep Roku Account Safe And Secure?

1. Use a valid Roku email ID

In order to secure and safe your Roku account, you need to use a valid email address. We suggested to you, use an email Id which you can use on the regular basis because you remember your Username or password always. If you ever want to change your email Id from your account, you can easily change by going to Roku account profile settings.

2. Choose a Strong and Secure Roku Password

We strictly suggested to you, must use a strong password which is containing with alphabets, numerals and special characters. You need to avoid using your birth date, car number or any other numbers that other can easily guess. The stronger your Roku account password, lesser the chances to getting hacked your Roku account.

3. Create a PIN

If you want to secure your account from your family to buying any unnecessary channels subscription from the Roku channels store. For this, you need to create a PIN (Personal Identification Number). You can use this PIN to stop unauthorized users to purchasing from your Roku channels store. If you want to create a PIN, go to the website Roku com link activate account.

4. Keep an eye on your purchase history

On the safe side, you need to check your purchasing history after every week. Don’t take any gap to check your Roku account history. If you take gap then you would not know that what you purchased last time from your Roku account.

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