How does the education system handle shortage of teachers in public school?

The state faces a number of problems throughout that are addressed gradually. These may include anything from debt crisis to food shortage, corruption, lack of healthcare budget and the list goes on. One similar problem that the state recently realized was the shortage of teachers in public schools. It is believed that this shortage is not only a result of increasing birth rates leading to higher enrollment in public schools but also because of under-recruitment of teachers.

It is also believed that teachers quit their jobs for certain reasons that adds to this problem of teacher shortage. The reasons may include, but are certainly not limited to, increasing workload on teachers due to high enrollment, low morale due to insufficient appreciation and low pay rate considering the qualifications they have and the importance of the service theyprovide. The reasons are all justified but the state surely deals with this matter in an appropriate manner.

Teacher shortage is not a problem that can immediately be eliminated and it requires gradual progress. Even if the education system puts in maximum effort on improving teacher recruitment, the intensity of this problem will reduce with the passage of time. Some possible reasons behind under-recruitment could include fewer people opting for teaching jobs, low budget to pay for more teachers and lack of willingness to offer or pay for training of the new recruits.

A wide range of new fields being introduced in the market means that people will find alternatives of teaching profession when they will not be appreciated the way they deserve to be. The service teachers of public schools provide is valuable for the future of the nation and hence they deserve more perks and monetary benefits than any other field. This discourages them from applying for teaching jobs unless they are being hired as a college professor after obtaining a PhD.

Also, the newly recruited teachers would require training which would incur extra cost and the owners of public schools may not be willing or able to spend on this. This leads to a continuous increase on the workload of existing teachers and the chain continues.

Handling the shortage of teachers in public schools :

The problem of teacher shortage in public schools can be reduced in a few effective ways if implemented properly. The strategies may or may not include monetary expenditures but Increase in budget is inevitable. Declining quality of education will not only reduce enrollment but also send low quality students out in the market that will adversely affect the image of the state.

Firstly, try to retain the existing teachers in every public school. This initial step will at least stop the problem from worsening. Just like any illness in which the aim is to stop the condition from worsening and then finding ways to cure, the focus should be to ensure that the teachers left in public schools must stay, let alone more being recruited.
A few suggestions on how to retain includes increasing the wage rate or offering, say, quarterly bonuses to teachers so that they have no incentive to switch to another job. Apart from monetary concerns, perform acts that make them realize that people do respect their contribution to society. A few words of appreciation during school gatherings or events would be enough for a teacher to have a purpose to stay and continue to teach. Many people nowadays value entertainment and self-respect more than any currency.

Next step to improve teaching applications could be to advertise teachers’ training sessions because many people do not even apply considering the risk of not being able to manage well in this profession. A basic human observation states that every person may be able to study well and understand concepts but not all get away without struggling with delivering the content. It is for this reason why students ask for essay help as their colleagues are not able to explain them the structure.

Hence with the introduction of training programs free for passionate teachers, the recruitment rate is likely to rise.

Finally, some public schools seem to be more filled than others for some reason. This leaves the teachers of crowded schools with more workload while the teachers of schools with low enrollment may have enough time to sit idle. An attempt to balance the number of students in every public school according to the availability of teachers could be a great step to manage this shortage of teachers in public schools.

So while students can get away with lack of teachers by acquiring essay help UK even if they do not get individual attention, the problem needs to be reduced on an urgent notice to improve the education system.

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