5 Quick Tips to Write an Essay

Mention below are 5 quick tips that can help you write an essay in a quick succession:

Tip #1: Don’t use the same words over and over again. You should consider following two sentences: (1) Use active voice – Avoid passive voice, and (2) Use Active voice – Do not use passive voice. Sentence 1 is better, because it does not use the word, ‘use’ twice. You should try to replace repeating words with the synonyms. Try it, and you will get a good grade.

Tip #2: Use crystal-clear examples. You should commence your essay by using some specific examples in your writing, only a few students do it. Instead of describing the behavior of thousands of people, you should just take an example of just one person and write it out. You should make use of colors to make your examples look vivid.

Tip #3: It is often observed by teachers that 70% of Essay Help paper written by students consist of quotations. Your professor is not stupid as he or she can see that you use thoughts of others instead of your thoughts by utilizing quotations. If you are intelligent and talented, then you can express your own ideas in an essay. Do not over use quotes as it will make your essay boring. However, you should use the quotation that you are using in you essay in your own language.

Tip #4: Remain sincere whenever you can. If you care about the subject for which you are writing an essay, then you should remain sincere. You should not feel afraid to judge the political or social statement that you are making. You probably do not want to upset anyone. Do not worry! Your professor will not lower your grade if your opinion differs from his/her opinion. In the first place, you presumably do not even know what your professor really thinks about a particular subject. Secondly, the professor may not care about your political or other views, and he or she will most likely judge your essay solely on its academic merit. Most importantly, if you write what you really feel for your essay, then you will have more fun writing the essay, and it will help you create a high quality essay for sure.

Tip #5: Talk to your professor. Before you begin writing your essay assignment, you should approach your professor at the end of your class, and ask the professor to clear his/her expectations from essays of the students. Some of the questions that you can ask your professor are:
Q1. What are the two or three more significant things for an essay in your opinion?
Q2. How should I write the introduction and conclusion of an essay?
Q3. What should I avoid doing in an essay to save my grade from lowering down?

You should listen and follow the suggestions of your professor to the best of your ability. If you ask the preceding questions to your professor, then he or she may think you care for your essay. In a nutshell, you will not lose your grades if you follow the preceding 5 tips.

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