I'm writing a paper about Cut Out and Keep

Hi everyone!
I'm writing about Cut Out and Keep for a project for my English class. The paper is about online communities, and seeing as though I've been interested in this one for a few years, I thought it would be a cool topic for my paper. If you guys could answer a few of the questions below (don't feel like you have to answer all of them), that would be really helpful!

What do you enjoy about this community?
How has this community helped you strengthen your skills and/or love of crafting?
If you are a part of other online communities, how is this one different?

Thanks in advance for responding!

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I love how this community has fun people who come up with such amazing ideas. When I first joied thia community I wasn't REALLY into crafting but I doscovered new things like the magazine necklaces and soda pop tab jewelry and how to make lipbalms and no sew skirts. It was the most wonderful thing- it still is. I don't really use other crafting websites because cutotandkeep is enough and there are so many cool stiffs to try.

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