I Need Voice Actors!

I am currently working on an anime style story in Flash. I'm not currently comfortable with posting the entire plot on the internet but I will pm a brief description to anyone who is interested. I was originally just going to make all of the speech be text, but if I get enough people that want to voice act for me it will be even better. Happy
There are a few requirements if you are interested:
-The recording mustn't be horrible. I'm not asking for perfect studio results but there can't be a ton of static, echoing, or background noise.
-Because there is going to be cursing in the script, tell me if you aren't comfortable with that and I can give you a character that doesn't curse.
-You have to have fun Tongue
-Since I can't really keep my story a secret from those voice acting for it, there is a chance it may get stolen. I've been working very hard on the character design and plot of this story. It is going to take a lot of faith and trust in you guys to give you a peak at the unfinished version, so please do not use my ideas without permission.
And that's pretty much it Happy
The character voices that I need are a strong-willed teenage girl, an egotistical teen boy, a troubled middle-aged woman, a sweet and intelligent 24 year old boy, a maniacal old man, an innocent 12 year old girl, and a ton of misc background characters of all different sounds.
You're not going to get famous or anything, but I will include a credits section at the end of my animations, and it will be cool to see your voice come to life Happy Comment or PM any questions, and thanks to anyone interested in advance, it really means a lot to me Happy

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If you are still on wid it..can i have a part..?

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