Earning online - (little money, for real)

Soo.. this topic is about those websites that make you earn little money doing tasks and watching videos..

It's about one year I use some of them, I'm here to write a little review. Do you use any? Which are they? How much they pay?

So... the first I joined was Toluna. You get paid to answer polls and surveys. It's a bit difficult to make money (I'm talking about EXTRA money, not that you become rich or anything.. XD) but I think it's worth it. You get about 0,50 to 4 € per survey. They have giveways too, so if you're lucky you can try products and then write a review. I earned 20 € so far in about 7 months, doing surveys randomly.... (i chose to be paid with a gift card) So: here it is: Happy http://it.toluna.com/

Then there is PrizeRebel
it can be quick or less quick to earn, it depends on the periods. You can watch videos, like facebook pages, download and try programs... do surveys.. There's great choice. I usually only watch videos and do downloads, and I was able to get 10 $. It's nice because you can get giftcards of other things, such as games for example. It's one of my favourite.

The last one I tried it's junowallet alias Bamboo. If you have an iphone/ipod/ipad... I would highly recommend it. Basically you just watch videos and try apps (the apps you try are free) and you get paid. You can dowload it for free: just look on the appstore for Bamboo. Ps: if you use my code GC1941488 you get 0,25 $ and I get something too (can't remember if it's 0,25 or 0,5)
It's fun because you also discover new apps.

So...which are your favourite sites and apps to earn a little?Happy

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I use valued opinions website to do the same - I normally get amazon vouchers every time I get to £10 and its handy for little luxury items that you couldn't normally justify money for. I think the last thing I bought with them was a game for my DS. I might check out the second site you mention as it looks a bit different.

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