Un-Natural Coloured Hair.

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If you can get a dye in that colour I've had it. I used to have my hair black or very dark brown with some bleached blocks in it, I'd change the colour of the blocks every few weeks with Directions semi-permanent dye. I've done the same that but just a bleached fringe. I eventually bleached all my hair & dyed it blue, there were no rules about my year in school having their hair dyed un-natural colours but there sure was after that. I toned it down until I left school & then shaved a section off & dyed it black, white blonde & purple with black & purple stripes in the shaved bit. That one stuck for a while but I got bored & bleached all my hair again. For about a year I had it bleached & just kept dying it different colours with semi-permanent dye. My signature colour is purple but I tended to go for blue or pink as well. I differentiated between bright colours & pastel colours for a while & then my hair started to get really damaged from my old, crappy straighteners so I had to cut it all off (I'd just got it to a length I liked after having it really short for ages so I was pretty upset) & decided it would be best to go dark for a while to give my hair a break so I dyed it dark red. I get bored easy though so I dyed it ombre with the intention of using semi-permanent dye to change the colour of the ends when I got bored but I'm really liking it so I'm just leaving it alone for now. I'm job hunting atm too so I don't want to go putting bright pink & green in my hair incase it puts off any potential employers. I am missing the purple though :L

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