Just... ranting, I guess.

I've never really worked with fabric before. Well, fabric, fabric, like furs and linen and such, usually just felt and fleece or small bundles of random fabric. So when I got the opportunity to make something I really want, which for lack of a better word is a hoodie... well...

Usually I do things by myself, but I had to ask my mother to drive me to the store to get the fabric obviously, and I've had her help pinning it on me since the back is hard to do, and my dad asked about it as well, so for once my parents were involved in it too.

Sounds awesome, right? Not really. My dad has said on more than three occasions I should just go "buy a hoodie" because my stitches probably won't hold and it'll unravel and I'll be naked. While I do hand-stitch, I'll be double-stitching it with heavy duty thread, and even if it does come unravelled, it a hoodie. There will be a shirt under it. His last comment made no sense at all...

And my mom isn't much better, saying that since I can't print out a pattern it's not safe to "wing it" (just using a t-shirt as a model) and that I really don't need to make a hoodie and I should turn the fabric into a pillow or something.

While... I don't think their comments were meant to be hurtful, they were. They know, or should know, that I am capable of sewing and my stitches aren't so novice as to come undone, and that I do most of my crafts without patterns, but they still said those things and I've just lost all motivation for the project.

It's hardly even a third of the way done, I had it all planned out perfectly, I was so excited, and... now I just can't bring myself to finish it, because I keep thinking what if they're right and I'm wasting my time.

I don't mean to paint them as horrible, they're usually very encouraging, but irregardless, that still discouraged me and I'm just not sure what to do; I don't want to scrap it but I can't bring myself to finish it.

Sorry for taking up a post about this, I just needed to rant. I know they probably meant well, but it was still just so horribly crushing...

)I did end up buying a hoodie anyway, so now the fabric is just sitting there, still pinned... it was a $2 from Goodwill, but I couldn't find one like I wanted so the only thing that's remotely similar is the color... *sigh*)

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I would keep going on the project ^_^

The best thing about making stuff your own is learning what works and what doesn't. And you'll be surprised by how crummy things look and like magic they just come together in the end.

I haven't had to deal with discouraging parents (as far a sewing goes) but I have made up my own patterns before and felt like it was going to turn out to be a pile of garbage, and why waste the time. I've let projects sit around for months because I wasn't sure I wanted to finish them too. My advice is to just keep working on it! Who cares if it turns out less than perfect, you'll know what to do differently next time. And if a seam comes undone later, guess what, you know how to sew! lol Just stitch it back up Happy No big deal. And if you finish it and worst case scenario is it looks terrible, take it a part and fix it, or if it becomes too far gone, reuse the material to make something else that is cool.

As long as You keep a good attitude, that's all that matters. You can always make it into something new.

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