Questions about etsy :)

Heyy Happy
I've noticed that loads of people seem to have an etsy site, I've never bought from the site but I have been on it and think it's really cool and am thinking about setting my own up just a few questions if anyone could help me out I'd really appreciate it! Happy
-How do you receive payments, assuming paypal?
-Do you tend to sell themed stuff like just bags or plushies or just general stuff you've made?
-Do you have to have made the thing ready or can people give you orders then you'll make it for them?
-How do you work out how much to charge people- wouldn't even know where to begin as some things on etsy seem really pricey but some seem reasonable!
Thanks in advancce Happy xxx

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I don't have one, so I answer from guesses and experience

Really anything you have made. I have seen jewelery, wall decals, plushies, lawn gnomes made of cement and even homemade food good- ANYTHING you think people want to buy and you want to make

You make things, but I think if you put on your profile thingy that you want to costume make things and negotiate prices you can. Not sure though.

In my experience (but it doesn't seem the same for others) the crafters want to make lots of money by saying it is their art. It is but they shouldn't get away with that. Usually if I would try to sell something, I would first take how much it took to make it, add 15-40 % depending on difficulty and how long it took to make the object. BUT you also have to think about how much your item is generally sold for.

I made it for 3 dollars
It is normally sold for 12 dollars
It had medium difficulty and didn't take too long

Sell it for 9-15 dollars depending on how much people would want to buy it for-

This is just how I do it- I don't have an etsy, just in general. That is the guide I follow-

I hope I helped, any more questions, I can try my best to help

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Thankyou that's really helpful esp about pricing! Have set up an account now just need to get a few things made but finish my A levels tomorrow and am 18 in 3 weeks so should be up and running by then Happy Thankyou for all your help! xx

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Yay! Glad I could Happy

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I have a store I just haven't restocked for awhile it's empty.
Payments are PayPal but also credit cards and direct bank transfers too.
Some people sell themes based on item eg just bags, look eg vintage or medium eg all digital art. But really not everyone does and the shops with bits of everything are cool too.
You can post ready made items, made to order products and you can accept commissions/custom orders too.
It depends on the item, the material costs, labour etc.
What I usually do is pretend I saw the item in a chain store eg Kmart and how much it could cost there (say $15 for a bag) then I think of a boutique in the city and how much the same thing would cost there and find a reasonable price in between the two that if I were buying I'd be happy to pay but covers labour, materials, time and such. Also checkout competition if you are selling blue striped totes for $14 each and some one else sells them for $3 each, guess who will get all the customers. Use the description of the item to detail the effet quality materials and skills that go into it

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