Celebrity Gift Lougne Opportunity

***Darn,I spelled LOUNGE wrong*** LOL

Hi, I normally do not do this and I normally don't really post much on forums either. LOL Here it is, I present an opportunity to anyone who wants to participate in Celebrity Gifting, you know, the cool swag bags that the celebs get at just about EVERY event??? Well, I'm part of a group called The indiExhibit. We are looking for 50 artists who can afford $110 to promote their art or craft in Hollywood. Yes, only $110. We need to find 50 people who can do this by the end of next week in order to participate in an upcoming show (The American Music Awards). If you have never done a show with The indiExhibit, this would be a great first show for you! Please message Shannon Rene' Justice for details at shannon@theindiexhibit.org.

Q: Is it a scam?
A: If it was a scam, I wouldn't be a part of this group. Unfortunately, there ARE similar groups that will scam you. We have been participating in Celebrity Lounges for about a year now. We also, have begun participating in charity events (i.e.: Tee For a Cause & Enchanted Makeovers).

Q: What happens at the events?
A: Well, MANY things happen at these events. If its a celebrity event, you get a chance of having your item photographed w/ a celeb! If its a charity event, you just made someone's day brighter & happier w/ your item.

Q: I might be interested, who do I contact?
A: You can contact Shannon at shannon@theindiexhibit.com. Also, visit the site http://www.theindiexhibit.org so you can check out the photos of past events or the FB page, facebook.com/The indiExhibt. You can Google the group too, there's press releases of the group participating in the GBK/TicTac Gift Lounge for the Golden Globes. Happy

Have a GREAT weekend, hope to see you in the group! Happy --Jessica (aka mamibunny)

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