INVADER ZIM: gir covered in...BLOOD!?!

i found this picture online be prepared it is creepy at first

read it!

it says that The Bloody GIR has only been found in one episode: Mortos der Soulstealer. Steve says the Bloody Gir is in a lot of episodes past Bad Bad Rubber Piggy, so search frame by frame in VirtualDub. Here's one thing Steve said:

"Hint- look at a few of the opening sequences in the second season. Unless Nick switched them out, there should be at least one with a Bloody Gir."

quote from the website!

i was wondering if anyone on this website might be able to find another!

to my fellow gir lovers : hes not covered in blood for a reason its just a way of drawing him!


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found website that shows mistakes from the show and a bloddy gir!!

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