Must express the opposite of my opinion!

I have to write a persuasive essay for school but I have to write as if I have the opposite opinion. The topic is school uniforms and I wanted to argue for but now I have to argue against. So does anyone have any pros or cons about this topic I'm completely stumped.

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I wore a school uniform until I was a senior, then it was business attire. eww.
Wearing uniforms never really bothered me, probably because I went to the same private school from Kindergarten-12th grade. We would get 2 new uniforms at the beginning of the school year.

*No agonizing over what to wear
*Save money by only wearing one outfit
*Clear guidelines on dress code, no skanky outfits.
*Everyone is "uniform" and people are given the opportunity to meet the real you without style cliques getting in the way.
*By not worrying about your outfit you are able to focus more on your studies.
*Guys are not distracted by girls skin baring outfits.

*Not able to express yourself through clothing Happy
*Most uniforms are ugly
*Uniforms can be expensive
*By the end of the year almost every single student looks grungy from wearing the same thing every day.
*Girls may act out sexually since they are unable to "show" their sexuality through clothing
*Strict guidelines may be difficult for a student to follow.
example(Shoe heel must be no higher than 2 1/2 inches) Hard to find in a shoe store.

Hope this helps...If I remember more I will try to post.

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I never wore a uniform but I was in a play with a bunch of girls who went to private school when I was 16. One thing they pointed out to me as a major negative is that since they were all wearing the same thing every day they were constantly comparing how they looked in it to how others did. It resulted in some major negative self images, bullying and other bad behavior. A lot of them admitted to trying to "alter" their uniform by rolling up their skirts so they were shorter or wearing shirts that were smaller than their regular size- etc.

It probably has nothing to do with uniforms but it is kind of common knowledge where I am from that the kids who attend private schools are doing way worse things than those in public schools. I suppose they feel they have something to prove. They were generally sneakier about it and had massive senses of entitlement that wasn't earned.

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@Pinkweeds I don't know about the private schooled where you are from, but broad generalizations about any group are generally wrong. In my private school experience, the students were not doing worse than their public school counterparts. The opposite was true in that instance. I suppose the type of private school does effect the way students react to their education, regardless stereotypes should not be considered "common knowledge".

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Some people can't afford school uniforms, and they discourage creativity.

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Felecity, I get that you took offense to what I said but I explained in my original post that that was common knowledge where I live. Meaning that is the way it is where I am- not everywhere. It is a true statement and I can call on several of my private educated friends who would agree with me on that.

And broad generalizations of groups are not generally wrong- sterotypes are formed simply because statistically speaking they are true. I'm not an uptight person who spends my life worrying about being PC or hurting people's feelings because I'm honest. I get some people can't handle that but I'm just too old and have gone through way too much to bother with it. So I apologize if you take offense to anything I say or have said in past but that's a problem you have not a problem I have. I know that sounds cold and heartless but it's not. I'm just tired of having to defend myself for not being PC. I'm not a racist, a sexist and I don't spend my time judging people. I also don't spend my time lying to myself or others about the way the world works or is.

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