I'm a newbie

Just found this site, looks great.
Also quite new to crafting after spending years thinking about it.
I'd love to know how people got into crafting, what works and what doesn't and whether anyone can recommend shops and craft fairs etc etc.

And anything else you think a newbie should know!

W London, moving to Wilts next year!

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Being new to crafting - this is definitely a good place to get started Happy Every day I'm amazed by people's projects and the number of incredible ideas with step-by-step instructions is SO COOL.

I don't know how I got started. My mom's always been making things so it might just be in my genes.

Mostly it's just been wanting something I couldn't afford and finding a way to recreate it and then proudly sport my one of a kind versions of things.

So my advice to you is surf around on here for inspiration, organize your supplies, take a deep breath, and dive in! (And don't forget to take pictures to post when you're done!)

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Welcome to the site Laura! Happy
K-Li gave some great advice there.The best way to start is to find something you really like,get the things you will need and ENJOY! Happy Crafting is the most fun thing you can do. Happy

I don't know how I started,i have been crafty as long as I can remember.I think my mom started it,by knitting and crocheting at night beside me.

Try out a few craft methods and find out what goes best for you.

When I joined Cut Out and Keep,I loved so many projects I didn't know where to start.So I started to put things on my favorite list,and after every 5-6 projects I made a version of one of them. Happy
If you have any problems or questions just ask here on the boards,everyone is really nice and helpful. Happy

Have fun! Happy

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Hey Laura, lovely to meet you!

Great craft fair happening at Alexandra Palace very soon, there is a thread on here somewhereand I know a few of the lovely ladies are going. Other than that I'm not sure but I'm willing to bet that Lolly Bot and Ruby know a few good places.

I got into crafting fairly recently mostly because none of my family are (a) any good at crafting or (b) very good teachers so what they do know isn't passed on. I'm very lucky to have an amazing mother in law who is a great teacher, very crafty and extremely supportive so she started me off knitting and I went from there.

With regards to crafting Violetta is dead right, different methods work for different people. Will say one thing though, always grab your glue gun by the right end...

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Welcome! You'll love it here! We're one big happy family!

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Thanks all
I just had 2 sewing machine lessons so hoping to put them to good use.
Also a bit of a magpie so quite fancy working with beads.
The sewin teacher told me about the AlllyPally show so hope to be there if I can.
Thanks for the welcome.
Here's to the future!

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