Victorian Explorers Party Ideas

Ok, so I'm arranging a Victorian Ladies Explorer/ Adventurer party for my lovely friend's hen night. Actually... She said she might join this site the other day so if you're reading this, lovely lady.... GO AWAY AND DON'T SPOIL ANY SURPRISES!!!

Anyway Happy So it's to be a fun yet classy party (strictly no penis hats or L-plates!). We're going to go out to the country to her friends house which has a big garden. So I was thinking of trying to make some kindof marquee-type thing out of mosquito nets so we can have champagne outside. God knows how! But this is the north of Scotland in November... We are going to need to head inside quite quickly!

So going to set up a nice High Tea inside the house with cake stands and plenty of vintage-style teapots filled with cocktails.

Have a few ideas about decorations on theme:
Big pot plants (to make it all jungle-like)
Tea cup candles
Union Jacks (shudder - hate them, but they are on theme)
Chinese-style lanterns
Cardboard Candelabras
Cardboard bird cages
Lots of candles and flowers

Does anyone have any suggestions/ good sites that could help with ideas for decorations, fun parlour games, or foods that would go well?

Any help is really appreciated Happy

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use the scottish flag!

find cheap waterproof fabric and make a tent
plush pillows
get everyone to dress up explorer style
use tan fabrics

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Victoria sponge,Scones,Macaroons. Cucumber, shiphams salmon paste sandwiches with crusts cut off.

Games-treasure map guess spot from clues. Pin your flag closest gets choose the next cocktail !

Egyptian code quiz or the Mummy game:Find a set of hieroglyph's and make up silly sentences to decode.

Paper flowers,Button flowers and Linen Poppies.

May come up with some others

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Great ideas, thank you! I'm going to have a stab at making one of these tent things to keep us dry:

Love the idea of the treasure map! And dressing up too... We're asking people to dress up but I might pop by the joke shop and get a bunch of cheap pith helmets and top hats just in case!

It's not the brit flag... I just don't like nationalism of any sort! Maybe a whole bunch of different flags from lots of places would be cool though Happy

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I like the different flags idea, you should do the commonwealth though

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That's a great idea! And, Essex Debs, macaroons and cucumber sandwiches are now on the menu! God, it's going to be like stepping into a Wilde or Coward play Happy

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