So nervous about succeeding! help!

Okay so I've had my jewellery on consignment for a while at a little gift shop. It wasn't hard to get it in there because my mum is friends with the owner.
Nothing has sold there so far so I started to look around for other outlets and this woman got back to me and wants me to bring my jewellery into her shop in a week!
It's so exciting but I'm so scared! I was expecting her to say no but now that she's said yes I have to actually get off my arse and sort out pricing and such.
That's no problem other than the nerves!
Has anyone else sold there crafty items in other people's shops?
Had much success?

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hi there zelma
right, first of all, take a deep breath...annnd...release...
well done on getting another outlet to sell your jewellery ^.^
i sold crocheted and knitted hats to a shop about 2 years ago and it was fun at first but became a bit stressful after a while as he eventually wanted only black berets and light/dark grey slouchy beanies...not good for the creative mind Happy also, i didn't know about pricing at first, and he took a 50% cut (ie: he'd sell a hat for ten pounds but i only got five pounds for it) i was under pressure with my art coursework as well as trying to look after my 3 kids, hubby, home, etc on top of it all....just a tad too!!!
basically, state your terms from the beginning, make sure you know what percentage they want so you can price yourself accordingly, and above all, HAVE FUN !!!
oh and lots of good luck on your new venture Happy

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