Past Life Regressions

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Wow, y'all. Well, I'm somewhere in between. I am with Marieke that there are 'psychics' out there looking to take you for whatever you'll give, and tell you what you want to hear. But, even as a follower of Christ, I find the concept fascinating. I personally, don't want to be reincarnated, I want to go to my rest in paradise when I die. But besides having faith, I have no proof that I will. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if my soul is not just my own, because I am so different from my family, and most people I know. My brother and I are extremely unique, and fairly aware of choice/consequences, that most people are always surprised about. And I think he may have had a past life, because when he was a very small boy(around 2 or 3), he would talk about when he was an old man. "When I was an old man, I had an old-timey-car(what he called antique cars, like model t fords). I left it in a ditch." He said this over and over. It kind of spooked us out. I was four when he was born. As a child, I had a fixation on death(no one realized because I was 6th of 7 kids, no one had time to notice me). I liked to practice being dead, like, emptying my lungs and staying that way as long as possible, or trying to appear dead and floating in a pool. Again, no one ever even paid attention, thank God, cuz I might have ended up in an institution, LOL.

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