Craftsites around the globe

With people from all over the world on CO&K I thought it might be nice if we shared local craft websites.

I would like to share the Dutch site where I found a link to cutoutandkeep: It's all in Dutch but we use quite a lot of English terms so you should be able to navigate your way on the site. It doesn't have tutorials but lots of pictures for inspiration, also from professional crafters.

Some useful translations for helping you navigate the site:

Projecten = projects (see, it's easy!)
En profiel = en profile (you already do speak some Dutch)
Shoppen = shopping (we totally stole that word from the English language)

UNDER "Projecten"
Van kitch naar kunst = from kitch to art
D.I.Y. fashion = you know what it is
Poppendokter spelen = play dolls doctor
Polymeerklei = polymere clay
branding = branding
schortjes = aprons (with link to CO&K)
cupcakes = stolen from the English
archief = archive

Have fun!

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