Due to the recent elections and all the debate, we've been slightly split. I haven't seen any direct hatred or anything.

BUT, in order to reverse that negativity, I'd like you all to name some things you like about other people!

I'll start.

Sug- You are incredibly friendly and you are fun to talk to. You are good at listening and you are understanding Happy
Michelle- You are creative and interesting, and come up with fun challenges Happy
Crystal- You are funny and come up with some really random stuff. Your funny and YOUR ACCENT IS SO COOL! lol.
Tara- You are involved and come up with really funky creations.

I've got hundreds more, but I gots to go to ross to get a fun red plaid bra Happy AND A BARET!

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54 replies since 9th November 2008 • Last reply 9th November 2008

aww thanks disaray

Queen farie pants or Queen as I like to call her. She is amazing and cool. She has great ideas.

disaray- you are sweet and so cute

and I agree disaray, CRYSTAL is funny and cool

Sug is a sweetie!

Tara is awesome.

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Courtney C. has a great sense of style

CAT is the best!

Corrie is a doll and I miss her

Yeesa is soo taleted

Mama Zoe is cool, I am just getting to know her, but she seems cool

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aaw michelle! I got like a wave of nice feeling when I read that!

I dunno I just like you all because most of us have similar ideas and you lot make cool stuff and you're all just nice and woooonderful!

I do like Roma's sense of humour and frank...ness! you're all just great!

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Michelle G. is awesome :]

queenfairypants youve been on here forever! yay :]

DIS.AR.RAY you seem really funky and cool

Sug youre really fun to talk to

yay i like this thread Happy

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Dis-She is like the highly ranked in very colorful and creative project when it comes to recycling! She is like Mother Earth's in disguise.

M'Shelly-She is absolutely amazing and everytime i watch her vids I get the smilies!!

Kt- We go back in our world of warcraft days!! Its like we are sisters for life now, and we talk every day on yahoo. You are F'n awesome!!

Tara- I never met a person who had so much in common with its so hilarious when we can start talking about some random stuff and know what the other person is talking about and even finish each others sentence.

Queenie- Like I mention in another thread, you are the most dazzling person I know. I see great things in your future! You go get them my little doggie lover. Happy

Roma- You are very strong minded and not afraid to speak your mind and you are just brilliant in your crafts.

Crystal- You are beautiful and I love your accent. You are like the goddess of plushie making! Fill the world with your beautiful creations. (pst i want one. )

Corrie- Even thu you are missing in action, i know you will be back to us and we can get our chat and craft on Happy

Mama Zoe- Your still new to me and I am looking forward to get to know you cause what i see so far you are soo f'n awesome.

Courtney-Girl you have a strong head on your shoulders and your strength in your goals will guarantee success. Get' r' done! Happy

To everyone else I could contiue listing each person but it will just take me forever. You all are fanastic, and I enjoy myself here on cok, You all give me inspiration and enjoyment. I wish you all the best in the upcoming holidays and lets keep this site going as long as we can. love you all!-Sug

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Alright, I will try this out...I don't really know everyone that well, because I was gone so much this summer...but...here goes

Sug-You are like my sister...it's too bad you live in Texas..otherwise we would probably have margarita nights every night!

Queenie-I love that you are a dog lover...because to me a dog always holds a special place in the heart!

Roma-You are strong minded and quirky (in a good way)...it works for you, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Dis-I don't know a lot about you, but you seem like a pretty cool person..you are very much an individual and never let anyone tell you who to be

Michelle-You are always so creative

As for anyone else...I would like to get to know you better, because I think everyone here is really cool! So, I'm up for convo. Happy

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awww thanks KT. You have one of the cutest dogs ever

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Dis- you are so outspoken. we don't agree on everything, but i love that quality in you.

Michelle- you are so accepting and involved. You make people feel welcome. members like you really keep this place going.

Sugar- You make me happy, i love the fact that you are so random and don't care.

Tara- you are so cool. i don't know how else to describe it. i don't know you that well, but if i had a sister, i would imagine she would be like you.

I don't quite know everyone yet, but all of you make CO&K what it is...AMAZING. Be cause of you it truly is a "crafty COMMUNITY"

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OMG YEESHA YOU ROCK!!! I love your comment about me Happy I so happy. Happy **runs in circles singing Koom by ya**

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Happy point proven. Happy

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I <3 everyone here!

I couldn't pick out anyone in particular because all of us are what make this place so great Happy

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UGH, YOU KNOW WHAT SUCKS?! When you are about to finish something, and you misspell a word, so you backspace, and instead of backspacing, IT SENDS YOU TO A PREVIOUS PAGE! So you loose everything.

Well, a small jist of it all

queeny - you are so caring and you've helped me a lot. You are optimistic, even when you couldn't find a job, and you really helped when I was freaking out about my friend's little sister's death.

roma - you know what you think and feel and you won't let anyone tell you other wise. I love that you are so strong and secure!

Courtney - You are such an individual and you've still got a way to go before your set in your ways [like us old geezers, lmfao] and hopefully within that time, you could be even more of an individual and be able to help people realize their individuality oppression.

Yeesha - lol, we certainly don't always agree, but you never go to a personal place and attack someone with a low blow. I still don't know you well, but I love that you think about things and have opinions. Happy

KT - I don't know you well either, but from what others are saying, you seem to be an awesome person and I hope to get to know you better Happy

kitten - You are wonderful with empathizing with others and you have a huge heart. You are so funny and I love hearing your two cents on the issues and rants board. O_o Happy

Shivi - You seem to be so advanced for a 14 year old. I know most of my 14 year old friends couldn't spell "environmentally friendly", and here you are actually trying to be it! Happy

Corrie - Right when I started posting more on the board and getting to know people is when you went missing, but I did see a bit of what you wrote and I hope you come back soon! Happy

Carley - You are really open and you are so fun to talk to! I love our AIM talks, and you are so intersting! Especially that whole obsession with walt disney Happy It brings me back to my [younger] childhood. Happy

AND OF COURSE, CAT! Geez. You are so brilliant! HONESTLY! You are INSANE in the crafty brain! You come up with the most interesting creative funky crafts and I'm INTENSTLY jealous! There should be like... a nobel craft prize! You would win!

for those who I said in the first post on here, I was kind of rushed and I couldn't really write a lot, BUT YOU ARE ALL SO AMAZING! I love you guys so much!

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^^awww........ That´s sooo true ^^ <3

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oh wow... where to begin?!
thanks dis.ar.ray, michelle & sug for your lovely comments about me, you've managed to bring a smile to my face on a really crappy day.

um. it would take me forever to say individual things about you guys, so I'm just going to say that every one of you that I have had the pleasure of talking to so far is amazing! you're all so incredibly talented and you've really inspired me to keep up with my crafting & to try new things...
at first I was a little wary of joining in on the conversations that were going on here on the message board, but you all made me feel so welcome & you've made my time on here quite enjoyable [that's a word right? lol].

so yeah, basically what I'm saying is that you're all great! keep up the good work & I look forward to getting to know you guys a little better, and seeing more of your amazing creations Happy

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